• Delicious fresh eggs with a lovely rich colour


    Yolk is run from a small village called Burnett, in between Bristol and Bath.


    Our family run farm has been producing eggs here for the last 50 years, our hens lay around 15,000,000 fresh eggs every year.


    Our hens are our livelihood and we take pride in looking after them really well.


    We grow the wheat and barley that we use to make the hen food on the farm and then mill the cereals on site to produce a special feed - this gives our yolks their fantastic colour.




    Our eggs are great value, completely delicious and a fantastic source of protein. They come from hens that are kept in enriched colony cages; a really clean environment which means we hardly ever use antibiotics or other medicines. We also supply free range eggs if customers prefer.


    We are primarily egg wholesalers and supply hotels, restaurants, pubs, delicatessens, farm shops, retailers, dairies, care homes, caterers and wholesalers.

    We also offer a 'domestic' egg round and deliver locally 5 days a week.


    To find out if we deliver in your area, please email us.


    We have customers all over the South West, and they seem pretty happy, so please get in touch if you’d like us to supply you or your business. Here’s what one of our larger customers had to say:


    “Yolk Eggs provide great friendly service and reliable delivery. The eggs are very fresh with a beautiful golden yolk and firm white. We have used Yolk Eggs for a least 10 years - averaging around 18,000 eggs per week - and have been very pleased all round, great value!!"


    Tami Farlie (Head Chef, Kingswood School, Bath)


    Before you go, there are some good egg recipes here, a cool egg restaurant here, there are ten amazing science experiments you can do with eggs here and you can see a talking fried egg here.


    If you'd like to get in touch, please use the form below or call us on 01179 862188.

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